Davis and Rolando Romero ahead of their Showtime PPV bout

Although much of the promotion heading into Saturday’s Showtime payperview bout between unbeaten lightweights Gervonta Tank Davis and Rolando Rolly Romero has centered upon the bad blood between them the true merits of said beef largely depend upon whom you ask. Davis (260 24 KOs) a rising superstar who has headlined PPV cards across three divisions in his last four fights alone has certainly had little patience for Romero’s antics at every turn dating back to their original fight date of last Dec. 5. Yet the 27yearold native of Baltimore Maryland has maintained that handing the brash Romero his first defeat is far more about business than it is personal.

It may come as no surprise given his typically shirtless public swagger and crude way with words that Romero (140 12 KOs) believes his opponent is full of it.

Boxing is a very emotional sport and Gervonta is a very emotional person. If it wasn’t personal he would’ve never put his fing hands on me. The incident in question is just one of many that Romero points to depending upon the day or interview as to why he dislikes Davis ahead of their muchanticipated showdown (9 p.m. ET Showtime PPV) at 135 pounds which headlines the Premier Boxing Champions card from inside the Barclays Center in Brooklyn New York.

The 26yearold native of Las Vegas exudes a level of confidence that is almost maniacal and a fighting style that is as physical and violent as it is crude for the elite level. Although he’s a reporter’s dream in a sense that he’s a flowing fountain of colorful (and often disparaging) quotes one is never quite sure whether Romero is the court jester he appears to be at face value or instead a calculated disrupter who is far more crazy like a fox than he is outright insane. It wouldn’t be abnormal for the root of a great grudge match between top boxers to be something outright innocuous.

The best guess for the real fuel behind Romero’s extreme dislike of Davis seems to center upon four distinct categories or events.

First off Romero has long publicly clowned Davis for his physical attributes calling him everything from a dwarf to an ugly ass motherfer with a really big head who is going to be pretty hard to miss. Everybody outboxes him and everybody punches him in the face. It’s all smaller dudes and weightdrained opponents. And the one person that had a fing pulse when they fought was ‘Pitbull’ Cruz and he has no boxing ability whatsoever. Yet he beat the f out of Davis and you’re talking to me about potentially outboxing Gervonta Davis? Shit.

He has one of the most padded records I have ever seen and people don’t realize that.

Then there are the allegations that Davis failed to show up for a pair of scheduled 2017 sparring sessions.

That’s where the first problems really started Romero said.

According to Romero however the point of no return between the two came on the night of Errol Spence Jr.’s 2019 welterweight title defense against Mikey Garcia in Arlington Texas. Floyd yelled at him and said he’s a fing disgrace to the fing company. Gervonta’s eyes got all kinds of watery and he started crying. Floyd said ‘You’re a fing dumbass.’

He put his hands on me and that’s already a problem there. I tried to swing at him and he ran away.

My job is to punch him in the face as hard as I can.

Mayorga was completely uncivilized and tried to talk all that gang shit and smoke cigarettes and shit on people’s families. Me? I just speak the truth and there is no other way. The thing is I’m as real as it gets. I’m just a real person who speaks his mind unlike everybody else. I’m not the villain I just tell the truth.

I don’t mean to harm nobody. Honestly I think I’m a kind soul. Everyone around me will tell you I take care of everybody and make sure everybody is good. I’m a sweetheart but in the ring no no; there is no time to be a sweetheart inside the ring. I have to go in there and f them up because if not they are going to f me up. It’s like war. We all know what the f we sign up for.

Truth like beauty is often dependent upon the eye of the beholder. Bigger trains tend to last a little bit longer you know? The impact is going to last a bit more on his side. This fight is going to end quick. I’m going to hit him once and knock him out. sources by

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