UEFA Nations League 2022-23 All Games Streaming

UEFA Nations League 2022-23 All Games Streaming

All 55 UEFA national teams will enter the competition. League D features 7 teams divided into two groups, with one containing four teams and the other containing three. In the top division, League A, teams compete to become the UEFA Nations League champions. Teams also compete for promotion and relegation to a higher or lower league. The teams which finished bottom of their group in Leagues A and B, as well as the losers from the relegation play outs of League C, from the 2020–21 season will move down a league, while the group winners of Leagues B, C and D will move up. The remaining teams will stay in their respective leagues. The seeding pots for the league phase were based on the access list ranking.

UEFA Euro 2024 qualifying

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The 2022–23 UEFA Nations League will linked with UEFA Euro 2024 qualifying, providing teams another chance to qualify for UEFA Euro 2024.

The Euro 2024 qualifying group stage will take place from March to November 2023, deciding 20 of the 23 teams that will advance to the final tournament to join hosts Germany. The draw seeding will be based on the overall ranking of the Nations League.

Following the qualifying group stage, the UEFA Euro 2024 qualifying play offs will take place in March 2024. The participants of the play offs will not decided based on results from the qualifying group stage. However, group winners of Leagues B and C cannot face teams from a higher league. The three play off paths will each feature two single leg semi finals, and one single leg final. In the semi finals, the best ranked team will host the fourth ranked team, and the second ranked team will host the third ranked team. The three play off path winners will join the twenty teams that already qualified for the final tournament through the group stage.

The draw for the league phase took place at the UEFA headquarters in Nyon, Switzerland, on 16 December 2021, 18:00 CET. Due to restrictions of excessive travel, any group could contain a maximum of one of the following pairs: Andorra and Kazakhstan, Malta and Kazakhstan, Northern Ireland and Kazakhstan, Gibraltar and Azerbaijan, Armenia and Iceland, Israel and Iceland. The opening portion of the group stage will be a time for the United States, Canada and Mexico to tune up for the World Cup while the teams that didn’t qualify will have their first competitive matches since the qualifying cycle. It’s a good time for testing out formations and new tactics.

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