WWE SummerSlam 2022 Fight Results Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar main event

WWE SummerSlam 2022 Fight

After what had been a largely uneven SummerSlam undercard in terms of match quality, Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns delivered a true spectacle in the main event of the show from Nissan Stadium in Nashville. The main event, contested under Last Man Standing rules for Reigns’ undisputed WWE universal championship, saw everything from wild brawling to Lesnar using a tractor to raise half of the ring off the ground.

In the end, Reigns, with the help of The Usos and Paul Heyman, was able to once again defeat Lesnar to remain undisputed champion. Reigns and Lesnar also had to fight off an attempt by Theory to cash in the Money in the Bank contract midway through the match, adding one more layer of chaos to the proceedings. Despite five titles being on the line in the night, no belt changed hands as all champions were able to score victories. Not every champion was able to retain without controversy, however.

2022 SummerSlam match results:

Raw Women’s Championship – Bianca Belair (c) vs. Becky Lynch: Lynch went after Belair’s arm early, trying to set the champion up for the Dis-arm-her armbar. Belair fought back with her power game before the match spilled to the outside where she nearly regained momentum only for Lynch to send Belair crashing into the ringside barricade. Lynch continued to cut off Belair’s attempts to regain momentum at nearly every turn for a long stretch of the match until Belair was able to hit a counter of her own outside the ring, hitting a facebuster onto the ring apron before managing to suplex Lynch onto the ringside mats.

The damage Lynch had done to Belair’s arm came into play when Belair tried for a press slam only for her arm to give out, allowing Lynch to hit a Diamond Dust for a near fall. Belair fought back before looking for the K.O.D. Lynch reversed, nearly hooking in the armbar only for Belair to carry her through the ropes and hit the K.O.D. on the floor only as Lynch barely beat the referee’s 10-count. As the action returned to the ring, Lynch scored her own near fall with a Manhandle Slam.

Belair was able to reverse a superplex moments later, hitting a Spanish fly before another K.O.D. for the pinfall. Lynch and Belair shared a handshake and a hug after the match. A very good way to kick off the show, with Belair having to battle her way through everything Lynch could throw at her and some solid false finishes throughout. Not as good of a match as the two women are capable of, but still entertaining stuff Bianca Belair def.

Bayley made her return as Belair was celebrating her victory. After Bayley made her way to the ring, Dakota Kai’s music hit and she walked out to join Bayley. Io Shirai’s music then hit and she joined Bayley and Kai. The three women then entered the ring to confront Belair only for Lynch to jump in the ring to stand side-by-side with the champion, leading to Bayley and her group backing down.

Logan Paul vs. The Miz: Miz looked to show off his wrestling dominance early, working over Paul with basic wrestling exchanges before Paul hit a waistlock takedown and a fireman’s carry. Paul then worked a bit of boxing. As Miz retreated to the outside, Paul hit a moonsault from the ring apron to the floor. Miz finally grabbed control of the match with a facebuster onto his knees and a bit of outside interference from Ciampa. As Miz tried to hit Paul from behind, Paul ducked, nearly causing Miz to collide with Maryse. As Miz backed away, he backed right into Paul, who hit a Skull-Crushing Finale to score the pin. Love him or hate him, Paul looked great, showing out in several big high-spot moments. Grading on a curve that takes into account Paul’s inexperience, this was a very big success. Logan Paul def.

United States Championship — Bobby Lashley (c) vs. Theory: Theory attacked Lashley with the Money in the Bank briefcase before the match started. Despite the attack, Lashley told the referee to ring the bell and Theory quickly took advantage, hitting a blockbuster and some strikes before Lashley was able to hit a back elbow and a huge slam to force Theory to bail from the ring. Shortly thereafter, Lashley locked in the Hurt Lock to force Theory to tap out.

The Judgement Day vs. The Mysterios (No Disqualification): The Mysterios got off to a quick start with both Rey and Dominik hitting big early dives before a top-rope crossbody from Dominik on Finn Balor for an early two-count. After some quick tags by the Mysterios, Balor and Damian Priest finally got control on Dominik. Balor and Priest kept Dominik isolated, working over the younger Mysterio until he was finally able to make the hot tag to Rey.

Rey went with the high-speed attack, hitting several lightning-quick moves, including a sliding dive with a chair to the outside on Balor. After Balor got back into the match, he ate a top-rope rana from Rey before Priest broke up the pin. As the Mysterios had the match seemingly in hand, Rhea Ripley interfered to attack Rey and set up Priest to hit South of Heaven. Balor called for a chair, but the lights went out and Edge made his return, storming to the ring and hitting spears on both Balor and Priest to help set up a double 619 on Balor for Rey and Dominik to score the win. The match was nothing special and the ring ropes were extremely loose, causing some issues throughout, but the return of Edge gave it something memorable.

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